Februari 19, 2009


aku ingin pulang
namun aku tak tau dimana rumahku

aku ingin pulang
tapi aku tak tau harus mulai darimana

aku ingin pulang
pada kedamaian jiwaku

Januari 11, 2009

yeS!! I caN

gaLz... hari ni, i do my amazing journey...

i weNt to towN square n met my fRieNd tHere, theN hUnting soMething that strange and unusual. ha.ha... I spent my time happily, after my friend back home, aq melakukan penjelajahan kecil, he.he.... waHHhhhh...the beautifull day n moment for me!! Thanks God, You have allowed me

November 01, 2008

“See Deeper”

Now day, we confused by the government policy. So many policies that make controversial in our country, and education sector is one of the important part in our development progress for the next future. It should get more attention from us, because without ability and knowledge its too difficult to make advance in our country. And so possible that our country be chaotic.

When we see, the government just give allocate about 12,2% in 2008. Its increase 1,2% from 2007. although like that, I think its still not efficient / enough, because as we know the biggest portion of education sector progress with improve the country’s education budget were spent to finance the bureaucracy, its so confusing me!

Here, one of the reality that in our educational sector.

The high competition for high school graduates to enter the university. For about 393.000 high school graduates for being part of 96.066 that can receives in 56 state universities across the country.

Here, cell phones needed by three students (two girls and one boy) for help them to pass the test. The boy was caught trying to see the message from his phone to looking the answers. And the girls put the hands free under the headscarf and hidden the cell phone in the shirt pocket, also it hidden under the bandana.

Of course, its make us surprised to knows that our students were desperate and lost their confidence to pass the test to enter the state University.

Its possible if they do like that when we see the capacity that how many students were needed for / received as student in state Universities across the country.

So, not only the government should give the attention in education sector, but also parents, teachers, and other element in the community to improve our education’s quality.

Its time to make the better progress in our country, especially in education sector. Let’s make a change for our education’s sector progress with improve the country’s educational quality, repair damage education facilities and improve teacher training.

When the government’s plan to conduct the national exam for elementary or other grade, its better if the first thing that must be done is to see the quality of education, the there enough to do it, ready to do it. Like PDI-P legislator Cypranus Aoer said “it must also focus on process, which is fundamental to educate student. And this must be entrusted to schools, particularly the teaching staff”. He also said that like national exam for high school students, the planned national exam for elementary school student was against the goals of the county’s law in education.

(journal of me in the third semester)